Friday, March 10, 2017

Day 7 All Good Things Must Come to an End

When we got back to the hotel it was beach time...

 This view never gets old
 We noticed parasailing was finally up and going. This was the first time all week because it had so windy. It didn't take too much convincing to get Jeff & Rachel to go on up for a ride.
 We were happy to stay on the beach and take pictures.
 So off they went on the jet sky to meet up with the boat that was already up there.
Just that alone looked crazy to us:

 That night we went to our favorite restaurant. Sashi the Thai restaurant and had a great meal and we could see the sunset behind the trees. Just beautiful..
 Loved their mint julips
 The next day it was time to go. We said Goodbye to Jeff & Rachel at the hotel because our flight was hours before theirs and off we went vowing to return someday. It was a wonderful trip made even more special by the time we got to spend together. Happy Graduation Jeff.

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