Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Halloween 2015

 I love Fall and not just because the temperatures finally start to go down around here. 10/24 Hayden & Megan came down because they wanted to check out the corn maze. We grabbed Ashley & Benjy and the boys and headed to Moapa to check it out. We missed having Christina with us this year.
 A rare moment without people. Lots of People from Vegas started showing up towards the end which kind of ruined the fun for us. They were loud and unruly.
We missed the trivia  questions in the maze to guide you this year but it was still fun.

Hayden carried everyone of the boys at one point or another!

 Signs of Fall at home!
Little Halloween cuties posing with Grandpa!

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

General Conference Fall 2015

Well this was a weekend to remember! I picked up Hayden & Megan and headed straight to Provo for the BYU Football game. We met Mendis and Christina there since Mendis was already up there for meetings. We had gotten 5 tickets so there was enough for everyone. It's amazing that we were able to get the three additional tickets right beside ours. Well except that we were so high up there's not a huge demand!
 As usual we got there nice and early! Well Hayden, Megan and I did.
 It started off nice but before the night was over we got rain. 
Thank goodness we had stopped at Walmart for ponchos!
We had dinner at the game which is always a good idea. I tried Wallaby's (sorry Ashley) and it was fab. Then we got the most amazing Hawaiian treat for dessert to share and a cougar tail and popcorn and anything else we thought sounded yummy.
 The next morning we were up bright and early for Conference. We made a quick stop at McDonald's because it sounded like a great idea when someone walked by with a bag. It was a great idea.
So while we were in line for our session that morning look who found us!! Rachel's Dad Darrell and his wife. What a shocker. What are the odds of that happening. We had a quick little visit and it was time to go in. Our seats were clear up in the nosebleed of the balcony with the rest of the stake people who had tickets. No big deal. It's the usual spot.
Notice the empty chairs because they were had not yet called the two new apostles.
See we were really high up there since it took us a couple of escalators to get back down. We made a mad dash to the mall across the street for some lunch before we headed back for the afternoon. Megan's mom had gotten us tickets for the afternoon session. Little did we know they were right down in the from section with Elder Holland's family. WOW
We even had a special door to enter through and we went through the underground parking to the side entrance. Very cool. It wasn't until we got home that I noticed that Elder Holland name was on the tickets! So awesome.
 Great seats right! Cute couple too.
 Never have we had to look up to watch Conference in the Conference Center!
 Looking way back to our usual seats.
 It was super fun to watch the general authorities come in and greet each other.Elder Oaks was the first Apostle in and he was pouring over some paperwork so we guessed he was speaking that session. He did and so did Elder Holland...amazing! Both sessions were so wonderful and the spirit was so strong. We loved it. All too soon the session was over.So back across the street we went. Us girls stayed there and did some shopping with the throngs of women while the guys went to Priesthood. We fought the crowds at Deseret Book and I met Anne Romney and bought her book.

By the time we got back to Christina's house that night we were beat. Seriously tired feet. Mendis gave me his slippers from his conference and we all called it a night! We watched Conference the next day at Christina's house before heading home. We stopped in to visit Grandpa and Grandma and made it home refreshed but tired. How does that happen? lol

Monday, October 5, 2015

Back & Forth

Our theme this fall was going back and forth to Provo. We went alot. It started with the end of August and continued until November. We knew Rachel was visiting Idaho and going to Provo the end of August but we weren't planning on going up. We had just seen her a couple of weeks before and we wanted to give Ashley and Benjy and the boys a chance to visit with her. Well wouldn't you know we ended up going anyway because Aunt Alzina passed away so we needed to go up for her funeral.So since we were all there we did so of course have to go to Heaps for dinner one night.
 On another one of our trips to a BYU game we were able to get a hold of Rachel and Jordan and take them to Brick Oven. Unfortunately Laura and Ray (Jordan's wife) had to work. So we ate enough for them too lol.We couldn't help but notice the checked table cloth going with the theme of Christina's shirt yet again!!
Nice Combo
We had such fun going to all the BYU games we could. We did have to give two games of tickets to Christina because we just couldn't swing it. Our loss was her gain. One game we kept hearing a cheer going up from the crowd and it was still an hour before the game. We couldn't figure out what was happening and then we noticed Elder Uchtdorf waving to the crowd. He walked around the whole field and waved to people and chatted. Very Cool!!
All too soon the football season was at an end. We were so sad when the season was over.

Thursday, October 1, 2015


This years homecoming was something special. The seniors had a dragon costume they wanted to use on their float that was too tiny for any of the students so they got Rees to wear it on their float.
 I think he was pretty excited to be a part of the parade. He wouldn't roar though darn it! He was hanging on pretty tight not that I blame him there. He was definitely a darn cute dragon!
We cheered Devony on too since she was on the girl's soccer float throwing out candy by the handful.