Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Grandparents Day

Yea Grandparent's day! Our first one at Bowler. I was late meeting Rees and then we spent f.o.r.e.v.e.r at the book fair. Which was cool except we were in a huge rush to eat our breakfast then. And dang it was a great spread. Now I know breakfast comes before shopping. Who knew? We got our pictures taken but I never did get any so I don't know what happened to them? It was a fabulous morning and then I walked Rees over to his classroom. That's when I saw Bowler Elementary for the first time in forever. Wow has it ever changed. I didn't recognize the place.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

The Flood of 2014

Well it happened again! Right in the middle of all the construction of the flood project and everything we had a heck of a downpour. In fact it rained almost 4 inches in Moapa and caused such a mess.
 The water rushed over the I15 and pretty much wiped out a big section of it. People were stopped on the freeway because the freeway was gone so they closed it for days. It was a huge mess.
Henry road in Moapa

While the water was rushing down the freeway an old couple decided they were going to turn around and drove into the water. As a result their van was swept away and right down the center on the freeway and came to rest under the underpass. The man who reached out to try and help them (she was opening the door and trying to leave for pete's sake) ended up with a broke arm. He was lucky that's all that happened because they were all swept away.


 The river almost wiped out our semi-constructed Cooper bridge. It pounded it pretty good so it was amazing they were able to salvage any of it. It was so sad to see it.
But the partially completely flood project saved our backyard as you can see.
After it was all over I found this and thought it was just about the funniest thing of the whole week.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Flaming Gorge

Over the Labor Day Weekend we finally got to check out Vernal and Flaming Gorge. It's a place we had never been to and had always wanted to see so we loaded up Christina and off we went.
We started off with a lunch at the Dairy Keen in Heber City. Quite the setup!
 It took a couple of hours to get there but as always we enjoy a good drive especially if it's to a place we haven't been before.
Definitely a good point to going to Vernal!!
The town of Vernal was so well kept with flower boxes everywhere. Very nice place. Lots of dino theme stuff there of course.
 The Temple there is so different but very beautiful. We walked all around it.
 So this is Flaming Gorge. Quite pretty but a few less trees than I expected for some reason. It is really high up so it's quite the climb to get up there.

The dam looks alot like the dam at Boulder City I think.
Our selfie

 Our dessert definitely deserved a picture. There went the diet!

Our first fall colors of the season. One lonely little tree in the Heber City valley. We were so excited to see it though. It was an awesome day. We thoroughly enjoyed it.