Saturday, March 22, 2014

Spring Scrimmage

 Hayden had a spring ball scrimmage in March. It worked out great because alot of our family was able to go watch. The Cooper family was all there of course. They are always so supportive and love football too. My sister Carolyn was able to go since Laura had just returned from her mission and they were taking her up to Utah. Laura was excited to see Hayden since it's been over two years for them. Grandpa & Grandma Davy were actually there too because they were on the way home from seeing Laura fly in. So we had a nice crowd there to cheer Hayden on. He was wearing #17 for the day. They threw it to him quite a few times so that made it even more fun for us to watch. So here come the football nerves again.

Can't believe it's time for football again...

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Boca de Beppo

 Jeff & Rachel came down for the weekend in March and that happened to be the same weekend Grandpa & Grandma Davy were passing through on their way down to California. So we took everyone and met up with Ashley's family in Las Vegas and went out to dinner. So we had everyone there but Christina darn it. The restaurant was really fun and we got to eat in the "Pope room". The Pope kept getting in our line of sight so we had him removed.


The food was great and the place was so fun. We all had a great time together!

Monday, March 10, 2014

Grandpa's Birthday

Feb 21 the Cooper's met up in St George for Grandpa's birthday. We went classy and had dinner at Chuck-A-Rama! It was so fun to be with everyone and celebrate. Grandpa wasn't feeling so great but as usual he plowed on through anyway.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

BYU Basketball

The Collinsworth's invited us up to a BYU basketball game Feb 8. We love watching BYU play and it's even more fun when you know someone on the team. Actually they really wanted Hayden to come up and visit with Kim and we were invited along lol. It was nerve wracking for Hayden because he hadn't really hung out with any girls since his mission but he was happy to meet up with Kim anyway. Wouldn't you know he also met up with a bunch of guys he hadn't seen since his mission so that made it hard.
Ready for the game.

We were all excited to watch Kyle play. The Collinsworth's had scored some great seats as you can see.

BYU has really done a great job of jazzing up the pregame show too. We loved the light show and the huge flag was amazing.
It was a really fun night. We even had a Japanese dinner first! We all stayed at Christina's apartment that night and came home the next day.
March 8, BYU was playing in Vegas for their tournament so we went in for the day. We actually went to two games since they were both included in our tickets. Hayden had a date with Kim right after the game so off they went while the rest of us all had dinner at the Cheesecake factory. We love visiting with the Collinsworths and we had the bonus of Chris and Kaylee and her family there too. We had a nice night together. Hayden took Kim to Hash House a GoGo and on to Recylcled Percussion. He said it was a blast and they had a great time.