Saturday, March 22, 2014

Spring Scrimmage

 Hayden had a spring ball scrimmage in March. It worked out great because alot of our family was able to go watch. The Cooper family was all there of course. They are always so supportive and love football too. My sister Carolyn was able to go since Laura had just returned from her mission and they were taking her up to Utah. Laura was excited to see Hayden since it's been over two years for them. Grandpa & Grandma Davy were actually there too because they were on the way home from seeing Laura fly in. So we had a nice crowd there to cheer Hayden on. He was wearing #17 for the day. They threw it to him quite a few times so that made it even more fun for us to watch. So here come the football nerves again.

Can't believe it's time for football again...

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