Tuesday, January 31, 2017

My Project

As luck would have it during the Christmas break Megan mentioned that her grandmother was redoing her kitchen and would be getting rid of her china cabinet. SCORE... I bought it:
 It's just the perfect size for the spot in the dining room. I wish I could fit in a bigger one but I doubt it.
 So the process wasn't super fun because of a few things. I couldn't decide on a paint color and had to totally repaint it..twice. I couldn't get the sprayer to work forever when I finally decided to just spray it. The air compressor regulator is broken so I had to keep turning it off and on the the pressure was all over the place. But hey I'm happy with it. Just nobody look too close.
I liked it so much I decided to painat the entry way table while I had all the stuff out: 
It was pretty fun but I'm glad it's done,
Perfect fit.
My Friendly Village and my tea cups and tea kettles now have a home! Just like Mom & Dad??

Friday, January 20, 2017

The Inauguration

The day had finally arrived that so many people were freaking out about. It was pretty annoying to see everyone go nuts about Trump getting put in. There were protest/riots every where it seems but there were a few of us that were hoping he could do great things. 
 Rachel got her invitation so Jeff and Rachel were all set for the big day.
 The days before Charlie & Alisha were there with a group of students and were able to meet up with them. So cool.
They had to be super early but were able to get great seats.

I still think that's pretty amazing that we actually knew people there witnessing history being made. Whether you're for him or against him it's still history so how cool is that.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Grammy Time with Shayla

Ashley had some running around to do with the boys so I got to play with Shay for awhile. What fun.
 She's going to be walking soon so I better get a crawling picture in.
 Doesn't this girl have good taste?
Every single grandbaby has been able to play in this drawer. It's tradition.