Friday, March 10, 2017

Day 7 All Good Things Must Come to an End

When we got back to the hotel it was beach time...

 This view never gets old
 We noticed parasailing was finally up and going. This was the first time all week because it had so windy. It didn't take too much convincing to get Jeff & Rachel to go on up for a ride.
 We were happy to stay on the beach and take pictures.
 So off they went on the jet sky to meet up with the boat that was already up there.
Just that alone looked crazy to us:

 That night we went to our favorite restaurant. Sashi the Thai restaurant and had a great meal and we could see the sunset behind the trees. Just beautiful..
 Loved their mint julips
 The next day it was time to go. We said Goodbye to Jeff & Rachel at the hotel because our flight was hours before theirs and off we went vowing to return someday. It was a wonderful trip made even more special by the time we got to spend together. Happy Graduation Jeff.

Day 7

We asked Jeff and Rachel what they wanted to do for our last day in Cancun. It involved a return trip to Taco Factory and some shopping. We were sure up for that! 
 So off we went on the bus.
 We found an amazing place to do some shopping. It was a two story grocery store complete with an escalator for shopping carts. This place was imaculate. One of the nicest grocery stores ever and super fun. They had half a floor just of tequila. The food displays were so fun.

 Really loved the produce section. So colorful.
This is all different moles
So lunch at the Taco Factory was delightful. In fact it was better because our waitress kept refilling our tortilla chips so we loved that.
After lunch we did some more shopping then took the bus back to our resort to hit the beach one last time.

This is the name of the main street we went up and down on all the time. Pretty cool.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Day 6 Xel-Ha

For our final day we decided we wanted to do some snorkeling. We picked a fun place called Xel-ha.
It was really amazing. It was all inclusive so that included all the food and equipment. If you wanted some of the premium experiences they were extra. Things like the dolphin or manatee encounter were lots extra. There was so much to do I don't see how people could possibly fit the extra stuff in. We tried snorkeling first. We were right by the entrance of the park so it was pretty wavy and tended to make us queasy so we only did that one for awhile.
 We walked way around and took the tractor to the river float and floated down the mangrove river. It was awesome. It took lots of time though. There were cliffs to jump off, rope course and a zipline into the water that Jeff & Rachel did.

There were trails everywhere through the jungle. It was so fun because you never knew what was around the corner. We ran into all these macaws. Boy were they noisy!
When we we walking to the river we noticed a great snorkeling spot that was really calm and not crowded so after our lunch we headed over there.

It was a fun fun day. We were prunes when it was time to go back. I would go back here too!

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Day 5 Tulum Ruins

Our final ruins tour of the trip was spent at Tulum. I was so happy to go because even though we had been there 2 years ago I didn't remember much of it because I swear I had sun stroke that day. I made sure this time I brought my big floppy hat and was ready to go. So right after our swim and lunch we headed on to Tulum.

This time we got to ride the little shuttle which was awesome because in the afternoon it was pretty hot. There were people everywhere too.
Tulum makes quite a great first impression!
Helaman was our tour guide again. We were so glad because he does such a super job. #HelamanTours
The Temple
We had so many great spots to take pictures it was hard to choose. 
There was even the occasional photo bomber!
What a great experience this was to see ancient Mayan sites and have things explained to us so well. We would have missed so much if we had tried to go on our own.
Here is the descending God. A symbol of Christ. One of many such symbols
 One of the best things about Tulum is that it's right on the ocean. So that means the occasional ocean breezes and a fantastic view!

 It's just a wonderful place. So beautiful and so rich in history. We would go back a third time in a heartbeat!

Day 5 Another Cenote Swim!

 This cenote was different because it was covered. The changing rooms were interesting. They did provide cover but they were very rudimentary at best. You had to shower before you went down to make sure the sunscreen etc didn't contaminate the beautiful clear, clean water. It was really dark in there as you can see from our attempt at pictures. They had strung up a couple of light so that really, really helped. There were a couple of platforms to dive off of which I avoided but enjoyed watching Rachel & Jeff fling themselves off into the dark abyss.
You can hardly see it's so dark but the water was very clear!
This was the refreshing break we needed before we did Tulum. 
It would have been so fun to stay longer even

Day 5 Coba Ruins

Another day dawned bright and early for us on another Helaman tour day. First stop of the day was Coba.
We rode bikes between the various ruins at Coba. 
 It was really fun even though it's been a long long time since I've ridden a bike.
Then came the climb to the top!! It was treacherous in my opinion. Very smooth rocks that were very close together. Luckily there was a rope to hang onto going up and down. Going up was actually easier. And the view from the top was one of a kind.
I/m not ashamed to say I scooted down on my butt. Better safe than sorry!
After the climb up and down my legs were shot so I got a rickshaw going back on the trail instead of riding my own bike. Again NOT sorry lol.

 It was amazing to see how fast the jungle took over parts of the ruins. The trees were so distructive with their roots but yet it was also beautiful.
Coba was beautiful. But now it was time for lunch.