Sunday, March 5, 2017

Day 2 Cancun

 So for our first full day we headed to the beach of course. The water looked so gorgeous but it had quite an undertow to it only took Mendis and I a short amount of time to be exhausted while JEff and Rachel played in the waves for a long time before they called it quits.
We decided to take the local bus and head down to the town and grab some street tacos for lunch. Well we did get on teh bus but only the one that went to the shopping and eating district with all the clubs etc. We walked around and found a great place to try for lunch though. We went to the Taco Factory and liked it so muchwe ended up going back another day too.
They brought us a great tray of chips and salsa and yummy cilantro sauce. It was so excellent.
 We tried lots of yummy tacos. The cheese they used was so creamy and wonderful.
 We did some walking around and looked in the shops but the vendors were ruthless. They were all over you to buy stuff and it was so annoying we started dodging the shops and people as much as possible. We did go to a Haagen-Dazs ice cream parlor though when we needed a treat which was divine. First time we've ever had a waffle cone that was dipped in chocolate! Fab
 We had an early night because we had to meet with Helaman at 7am the next morning which was 4 our time!!

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