Thursday, March 9, 2017

Day 6 Xel-Ha

For our final day we decided we wanted to do some snorkeling. We picked a fun place called Xel-ha.
It was really amazing. It was all inclusive so that included all the food and equipment. If you wanted some of the premium experiences they were extra. Things like the dolphin or manatee encounter were lots extra. There was so much to do I don't see how people could possibly fit the extra stuff in. We tried snorkeling first. We were right by the entrance of the park so it was pretty wavy and tended to make us queasy so we only did that one for awhile.
 We walked way around and took the tractor to the river float and floated down the mangrove river. It was awesome. It took lots of time though. There were cliffs to jump off, rope course and a zipline into the water that Jeff & Rachel did.

There were trails everywhere through the jungle. It was so fun because you never knew what was around the corner. We ran into all these macaws. Boy were they noisy!
When we we walking to the river we noticed a great snorkeling spot that was really calm and not crowded so after our lunch we headed over there.

It was a fun fun day. We were prunes when it was time to go back. I would go back here too!

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