Monday, March 6, 2017

Day 3 Cont...Cenote Swim

This sounded a little weird to me at first. Swim in a big hole in the ground? What?? Well the Yucatan penninsula is riddled with these. There are actually underground rivers running all through the area and they connect these "sink holes". The ground is limestone and erodes with ground water seepage and such and causes big sink holes. Some are completely underground and you never see them but some have the roof collapse revealing the deep pool of water beneath. And these are really deep. AND the water is fresh and very clear. Some leaves and things find their way in when the roof has collapsed but the water is incredible. It looks black from above but as you can see later it really isn't black at all when you get down there. You have to shower first to remove sunscreen and body oils to help keep the water clean.
 It was super fun to swim when it was raining too. There were a couple of little holes that rain water came through and even a waterfall on the side too. Gorgeous!
It was such a refreshing stop after our lunch. 

We were ready to tackle some more ruins!

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