Friday, March 10, 2017

Day 7

We asked Jeff and Rachel what they wanted to do for our last day in Cancun. It involved a return trip to Taco Factory and some shopping. We were sure up for that! 
 So off we went on the bus.
 We found an amazing place to do some shopping. It was a two story grocery store complete with an escalator for shopping carts. This place was imaculate. One of the nicest grocery stores ever and super fun. They had half a floor just of tequila. The food displays were so fun.

 Really loved the produce section. So colorful.
This is all different moles
So lunch at the Taco Factory was delightful. In fact it was better because our waitress kept refilling our tortilla chips so we loved that.
After lunch we did some more shopping then took the bus back to our resort to hit the beach one last time.

This is the name of the main street we went up and down on all the time. Pretty cool.

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