Monday, March 6, 2017

Day 3 Cont...Ek Balam

We followed our swim up with the final ruins of the day feeling refreshed and ready to go. Unfortunately for me I didn't switch out my water shoes for my tennies! What was I thinking? 
 These ruins were amazing and luckily alot less crowded. Helaman gave us a fabulous tour of course.
 This mound just behind the trees is another ruin yet to be restored. They are everywhere and it costs so much to do it. That's what they use alot of the tourism dollars for.

 This is the reason I was so stupid to leave my water shoes on.
Those rocks are very slick. And narrow.  And treacherous! So we climbed about half way up to continue our tour where we found these amazing statues and doors and such in fabulous condition. They had recently been excavated.

They were all just amazing.
The view from the top of the Temple was incredible. It was a little crowded up there and breezy but we loved every minute of it. Jeff had a great idea...ziplines going down would be great!

 Getting down was a slow process for me. Blisters and all.

 After we finished climbing around the ruins we had at least an hour drive back to Cancun. Just time for a quick nap. Then we finished up our day with a nice steak dinner at the Brazilian Steak House at the Marriott.

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