Saturday, March 4, 2017

Day 1 of Cancun

It's finally here! Our trip with Jeff & Rachel. This was for their graduation from BYUI and Jeff's graduation from law school even though it was two months before his graduation yet. It was really the only time he would have to go so off we went.
Finally time! It's been a long wait.
 We had to leave by 4 am to catch our 7am flight. They flew directly from Baltimore and we had a layover in LAX.
 It was a long long flight. We were supposed to arrive 5 min before them but they beat us by at least twenty minutes. We met up at customs in the airport in Cancun.
 The shuttle ride was nuts. First you have to run the gauntlet to get get out to the correct shuttle. Then the traffic was insane. The shuttle vans were all about 2 inches from each other in the dog eat dog process of getting through the airport. I'm so glad we weren't driving our own rental car.
Our hotel was fantastic. This had to be the nicest lobby I've ever had.
 Our room was gorgeous and we had a balcony with an ocean view. They upgraded Jeff & Rachel's room to the same thing just 2 doors down from us!
 This view just doesn't get old.
After we got unpacked we looked for a place to eat and ended up at the Thai right there at the hotel It was really fabulous.
 The food was terrific and the presentation was so nice!
 My only complaint...can't fit all the food on the table.
 The maple creme brulet was so good. Isn't it cute too!
Here's our cute little towel critter we got at turn down service. This is gonna be great!

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