Thursday, October 26, 2017

Cooper's Speed Meet

The elementary school had a really fun speed meet. The kids from each grade level were timed as they ran to determine the fastest 4 boys and girls from each grade. Then those fastest kids got to go to the "Speed Meet". Four schools attended and it was held up at the high school here. Cooper was chosen as one of the boys from 1st grade. He ran in the individual race and the relay race as well. He took 2nd in the individual race and his relay team took 3rd overall.
It was really exciting to see those little kids race their little hearts out.
Cooper did so great. It looks like all his practicing paid off. He even got new shoes that he helped pay for. We are so proud of him!

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Cedar Mountain

We decided we wanted to see Grandpa & Grandma Cooper and see the fall colors too. Grandpa is a real fan of fall colors so we were happy to oblige. So Saturday we hit the road during the first session of General Conference on Sunday so we could listen in the car on the way to Cedar City. Then  last minute we decided to take the back way and go through Gunison and Enterprise on the way for a change. It was a really fun drive but it cost us our schedule. We ended up 45 min late. We all went to lunch when we got there so Grandma didn't have to cook. After our lunch we went up the mountain but we went in Grandpa & Grandma's car. 
 We managed to listen to some of conference but not alot. The colors were so pretty. Well we really liked it until we went to North Carolina the next month and really saw some great leaves.
 I loved to see the reds mixed in with orange and yellow. It's my favorite! It was a lovely day and we were really glad we made the trip.

Friday, September 29, 2017

Fall Happenings

Fall is always a busy time but it's also my favorite time. 
Temperatures recede from miserable to bearable and then there's fall colors to behold. 
Sometimes we even accomplish some things too.
I got the house already for fall and Halloween early this year. I figured time is flying by and I wanted to enjoy it for more than a minute before we put up Christmas stuff.
 I had some time off and I hated to waste it when there are still so many projects to finish in the house. So I got out the kit we bought over a year ago and redid the cabinet in the bathroom. And then because the shelf and the frames looked dumb still medium oak I painted them too. I managed to get everything done but the handles put on. I'm just gonna wait until we redo the kitchen and have them do these ones too. I'm not excited about drilling holes in my cabinets myself.
 While I was at it I tried to get a plumber in to change out our sink faucet and the shower trim kit that have also been sitting there for a year. Of course the handy plumber guy isn't around so I had to pay Whitney Water Systems to come do it. That wasn't cheap but so worth it to get it done. Of course he ran into some troubles so I'm glad we had a professional in there doing the work. And more than anything I'm super glad that little project that ended up being not so little was finally done. I even repainted the pillar that got dinged up when we moved the china cupboard in. I did lots of touch up painting all over too. DONE! Well with that anyway.
I'm really liking the after picture.
 We went to lots and lots of soccer games this fall. It stinks that they are all in Moapa but oh well. I didn't take lots of pictures but here's a few. I particularly love Cooper as goalie just hanging on the post bored during the game.
 Charlie & Alisha came to a game and brought Polly. The kids were enthralled.

The Stake Presidency got to serve ice cream to the women who attended the Women's Broadcast. Could they have looked any cuter? I think not.
 Speaking of cute...Our newest addition turned 1 month in a flash.
I'm also including this pictures even though we weren't there because I love them. 
Jeff & Rachel and Terry and his wife came down to NC for the Wake Forest/Utah State game and stayed with Hayden & Megan. They all went to the game together and had a fun weekend. I love it when my kids have fun together. I wish we could have been there.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

More Grammy Time

September is always a busy month as everyone adjusts to the new school year and the schedules that are off the charts busy. But there are some very important things that happen every year as the school year kicks off. One of them is Grandparents Day and of course soccer.
Dane got to have his very first sleep over with me while Mendis was in Denver. I brought him home from his soccer night so there wasn't tons of time but we made it work. He picked playing with play dough together which is always fun.
 But first there will be snacks!
 And then we play...
And the grand finale was There Goes a Bulldozer. Dane's fave. I thought maybe he'd fall asleep during the movie but nope he stayed wide awake. I asked him if he wanted to come in my room and sleep with me since this was his one chance and he wasn't having it. He wanted to sleep on the couch so I made him up a bed and he actually stayed in it. The next morning we were up early and going home so I could swap grand kids. This was Grandparents Day at eh Elementary School.
 So Cooper and Rees and I headed over for breakfast. While we were eating our pancakes Rees sang in the honor choir. They did such a great job. I didn't get any pictures of that because all the parents and grandparents stood right up front and basically blocked the view for the rest of us so there's that.
These boys crack me up. We hurried and ate and got our picture taken so we could head over to the book fair. Unfortunately all the boys picks were already gone so they found some substitute books they liked instead. I also found out later that day that Grandparents day actually starts at 7 or 7:30 not 8 so no wonder everything was already gone when we got there!! Next year we will be ready.

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Grammy Time

Just a few days after returning from Hawaii I did a couple of days at work and found out a storm was brewing. In fact Hurricane Harvey blew into Houston during this time and I noticed it was scheduled to continue on up right into Tennessee and North Carolina. I got really nervous about not getting into the Greensboro airport on Friday so on Tuesday I got my flight changed to leave Wednesday. The very next day. So I got my two day work week done and was off again.
We had the tiniest little plane into Greensboro from Detroit.
So while I was there guess who turned 1 week old. We did some pictures of course to celebrate.
She is so fun. Kallie is a good baby but she hates to be cold or wet. Getting her diaper changed is the worst! She really hates it. There were a couple of nights I took the baby over night so Megan and Hayden could get some rest. My sleep was so messed up from being three hours behind in Hawaii to threee hours ahead in NC so it didn't matter too much. I was going to be tired anyway.
Loved watching both Hayden & Megan get used to their new daughter. When she is snuggled into Hayden, well Megan too, she looks so tiny.
Such a cutie. 
While I was there I did some shopping and made a bunch of breakfast kits and lunch  and snacks up so they could both grab them whenever they wanted and just go. Or sit and nurse whatever.
Having a new baby in your home is exhausting business.
Megan and I got lots of tv time in too while we snuggled Kallie.
We had a great FHE of donuts and shakes one night just to make everyone at home jealous! I hope I was helpful while I was there because I sure enjoyed my visit. It went by almost as fast as I thought it would and I was home before you know it.

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Sweet Arrival

Hayden & Megan's little bundle of joy arrived while we were in Hawaii. 
Introducing Kallie Mae Cooper. She arrived August 24.
 This makes five grandchildren. Two grand daughters!
We could hardly wait to meet her. We really excited for them.

Friday, August 25, 2017


I hate when a vacation comes to an end but this was super hard to leave:
 The view
 The resort
 So here we are flying over Waikiki.
Aloha for now! Read the next post for our special news from our trip.

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Day 8 The Hike

Our last day in Hawaii. We had a big day planned though trying to fit it all in. We wanted to go back to the North Shore at the end of the road and hike to to the Napoli Coast.  We didn't get up super early to make sure to get a parking spot so we were a little nervous. We stopped and got some ice Cream first just to keep our strength up for the hike! Luckily we snagged a spot not too too far away.
 The hike was beautiful no doubt about it.
 It did surprise how crowded it was. There were people coming and going like crazy. Lots of young kids too which was surprising because it was a pretty strenuous hike,  I saw dolphins at this spot and it was the perfect excuse for a rest.
 The trail got crazy at times. Steep very steep! And windy on the bluffs.
 But the views were amazing.
 We stopped here on the way back to get a chocolate drink. Really different but yummy. It was called Cold chocolate.
 And then I started to have some regrets about not getting any sea glass at glass beach. So we hopped back in the beach and went all the way over there. I'm so glad we did.
 We got there at the perfect time of day as the sun was going down.
 The surf was really rough too.
 Just time for one last selfie.
You'll never guess where we had our last dinner.
Duke's. And we each got a tshirt too!
It's going to be painful to leave.