Thursday, May 11, 2017

The Piano Recital

May 11 Rees had his piano recital. It's always an exciting day to go see the grandkids perform.
He was confident and ready to go. It was dog eat dog for a chair because the room was packed! Luckily we were all able to sit together on the back row and cheer Rees on.
We are looking forward to many more piano recitals yet to come.

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Mother's Day

So when Mendis asked me what I wanted for Mother's Day I had it all figured out. I wanted a whole wall of metal for my magnets. I just figured just screw the metal sheets straight on to the wall. Take up the whole wall. It would be fantastic. But the men didn't think it could be done that way??? I still think you could do it but...
 We headed to Home Depot in Vegas to get the supplies. Then Mendis said we needed to go straight to St George to pick up one more thing:
 It was Christina. She came down with Logan to surprise me for Mother's Day. We went into the Sweet Tooth Fairy and she came up behind us and surprised me there. 
Such a fun Mother's Day Surprise.
So one cracked tile and and lots of hard work later Mendis finished my Mother's Day masterpiece.
What's not to love about this. Thanks Babe!! 
Can't wait to fill this right up with more tacky fridge magnets.

Friday, May 5, 2017

Graduation Number 1

 The big day for Hayden & Megan was here!
 Lots of hard work pays off in the end. Hayden got his BSC in accounting and Megan got her Associates in Physical Therapy Assistant. We are so proud of them gettin it done!
Marching in.
The Honors students got to stand for special recognition.
And he's done!

After his commencement we took some pictures and grabbed lunch at Outback with the Leavitts. That's when Christina met us in St George.

The crew.
Megan's turn
Then we went to her individual graduation with her cohort. And then before we knew it the day was over. It was time to head home. I headed back to Ashley's to help Christina with the kids. We had them Saturday together and then Christina left Sunday and I had them until late Sunday night when Ashley and Benjy got back. Sounded like they had a wonderful trip.

Thursday, May 4, 2017

WoRk PArtY!!

It was time for our annual "Work Party" or field trip or whatever you want to call it. This year we got Dr & Carolyn their tickets to Brian Regan for our Christmas Present to them. We thought we were being oh so clever and then the Jensens had to go back to Texas for Darrin's graduation. So they ended up just giving their tickets to Steven and Ellie. 
So the picture looks a little strange without them.
We had such a great night. Brian Regan never dissappoints. 

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Fun With the Grands

 Ashley & Benjy took a trip to Washington DC to visit Jeff & Rachel so they asked Christina to come babysit. So Christina asked me to come help.  I started it off until she could get there the first night and I finished it up the last day while she traveled back home. There was lots and lots of stuff planned and Christina wanted me to just stay up there at nights with her so we could both be able. She was delegated to get up in the wee hours of the mornings! Sounded like a perfect plan to me. Rees and Cooper had school Wednesday and Thursday so that kept them busy during the day at least.
 Shayla was a doll. Speaking of which she was so precious carting around her baby doll in her stroller. She is one busy girl!
 Christina and I had great fun dressing her up and doing her hair and playing with her.
 Dane needed a playmate most of the time too or we discovered he got into trouble. He sure can be quiet about it too. He loved to play with us. I brought some stuff from home I thought he might be interested in to keep him entertained.
 Christina put up their bounce house for them to play on and we discovered Shay was terrified of it. It took her most of the day to coax her onto it but she was finally successful.
 Two determined children. One determined to get herself up on the pony and another determined it was HIS! Dane ended up sharing like a champ.
 It was Dane's birthday while his parents were gone but Ashley had left everything ready to go. His presents were wrapped and the cake was in the freezer. Talk about prepared!
 The present opening was hilarious.
The kids were so good. Huge shout out to Rees and Cooper who were both so helpful and cooperative. They liked playing with the "little kids stuff" as much as Dane when they got home from school. I'm so glad everything went well and Ashley & Benjy got to go have this little adventure.
During all this Mendis & I had Tuacahn tickets and Hayden & Megan graduated from Dixie so I had to leave Christina on her own with the kids for about 24 hours. She handled it no problem even taking the kids all up for a family lunch and some pictures. That's another post for sure.

Friday, April 28, 2017

A Visit From the Great White North

So my Mom & Dad were back into travel mode after taking about a year and a half off for health problems. It seems like just yesterday they were hanging out on our couch but it really had been awhile. They were on the way down to California to see Emily when she came home from her mission. Of course that happened to be the very same day as Hayden & Megan's graduation. 
Never fails!
SO they spent a couple of days with us before they went down and a couple of days on the way back too. I wanted to do something fun with them for Mother's and Father's Day so I had them choose between massages or the Wynn Buffet. I guess it really shouldn't have come as any kind of surprise they chose the Wynn. Worked for us! We were actually there for two hours. It flew by and we all really enjoyed ourselves. What's not to enjoy I guess. That was our big treat while they were here.
We had Ashley's family over for dinner one night and we stuck close to home the rest of the time pretty much. It was a good visit even though I think they were disappointed we didn't play games at all. Mendis just didn't have the time and when he does that's not his favorite any more.
Maybe next time.

Monday, April 17, 2017

Out with the Old

About two years ago our lovely tree died. Just croaked in about a month. There was nothing we could do to stop it either because believe me we tried. I was so discouraged as we just looked at the dead thing there for 2 years.
 Mendis rented a backhoe so he could dig it out and we could finally replace it.  He decided it would be a great thing for Dane to come help since the other boys were at school and he hadn't been able to do some other things.
 I had to go to work for most of it but I did get to snap a couple of pictures during lunch.
 Pretty sure Dane was in heaven.
So here's our replacement tree.  Looks pitiful at the moment but we're crossing our fingers it grows quickly and is with us for many year to come. 
I wish the story had a happier ending because now we see our chinese pistachio is dying. I don't know what is going on back there but I'm devastated.

Sunday, April 16, 2017


This year we stayed home for Easter and had the family over.
The anticipation of the egg hunt was brutal. Everyone was ready to burst but Grandpa made them keep it under control just to torture them a little more.

 Dane was basically set free! Finally.
 Cooper found about a million eggs.
 Shayla has the hang of this..sorta.
 Rees out there tearing it up.

I should have really gotten a picture of the end results. Seriously those kids made a haul. We had eggs, Ashley brought eggs and so did Charlie and Alisha. 
 It was egg heaven. But we were hungry so we busted up the egg hunt party and went in and had a fabulous Easter meal together. 

Side note: how pretty are my deviled eggs on my new platter?
Love holidays with my family.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Day 7 All Good Things Must Come to an End

When we got back to the hotel it was beach time...

 This view never gets old
 We noticed parasailing was finally up and going. This was the first time all week because it had so windy. It didn't take too much convincing to get Jeff & Rachel to go on up for a ride.
 We were happy to stay on the beach and take pictures.
 So off they went on the jet sky to meet up with the boat that was already up there.
Just that alone looked crazy to us:

 That night we went to our favorite restaurant. Sashi the Thai restaurant and had a great meal and we could see the sunset behind the trees. Just beautiful..
 Loved their mint julips
 The next day it was time to go. We said Goodbye to Jeff & Rachel at the hotel because our flight was hours before theirs and off we went vowing to return someday. It was a wonderful trip made even more special by the time we got to spend together. Happy Graduation Jeff.