Thursday, February 8, 2018

The Best News

Early in February we finally got the news we had all been praying for! Jeff & Rachel were pregnant. What joy!! They called me at work and I rushed outside to hear the news. Rachel spent that first night looking for a cool way to tell the other kids on Family Photo Circle.

This was the winner announcement. Now comes the hard part of not telling everyone until she's safely in the second trimester. We may not survive. By secret keeping skills are stellar though!

Sunday, January 14, 2018

The Office Cruise

We had talked about this for years. About how much fun it would be to travel together that we finally did it. We booked a little four day Baja Mexico cruise together. We had an absolute blast. I'm sure it was the company more than anything but even the ship was a pleasant surprise.
 We went on Carnival and we were pleasantly surprised. The ship was really nice and not run down like we expected.
 There were no balconies but we all got an ocean view room so it wasn't too bad.

 We had such fun together. 
We had a big long table for dinner and we switched around where we sat every night to just mix things up.
 We stopped at Encinada. We had Domingo get us a smoking deal on a tour bus and we all went together to the blow hole. Mendis had gotten a recommendation from a guy at work for a tour guide and as luck would have it that's who ended up driving our bus and giving us the tour.

 We made a stop on the way to get some water and treats at a gas station and posed.
Then he took us to a great taco stand for some amazing tacos.
After our lunch we had to walk to the blowhole through all these street vendors. Not our favorite thing but not too too bad.
 The blow hole was surprisingly fun. It shot up really high in the air and we enjoyed watching it.
 After the blowhole we headed back through the vendors but with "Chad" Domingo with us it was a breeze. Mendis picked up a sweet deal on a wallet thanks to him. It was fun to watch him in action.

We had such a great time we were all sad when it was over. We didn't realize at the time we had an hour long extravaganza to get out of the parking garage ahead of us. What a pain.
 Mendis and I decided to do something different and went home down Route 66 instead of going up the El Cahon pass. It was fun to do something different even though it cost us alot of time. We just didn't want our little trip to be over. It was so fun to find the other wigwam motel in Rancho Cucamonga.

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Finishing Up

We had lots more fun activities while we had everyone here. 
We played pickle ball at the park again which is now a family fave. 
We had a delicious smoked dinner one night. 
 We hiked the Valley of Fire together.

We played games and did puzzles a plenty. We had a Mexican Fiesta one night complete with a taco pinata. 

I even got to babysit Kallie one afternoon while everyone went four wheeling.

We kept nice and busy until it was time for everyone to start leaving. Ashley and her family didn't have far to go lol. Christina came down here and there. Jeff & Rachel had to leave on the 30th and Hayden & Megan went back up to St George before Hayden had to fly home to go to school. Megan stayed a week longer to visit with her family. What a fantastic Christmas it was. The only downside was the food poisoning that ran through the family. Literally. I even got sick one night. In fact we were planning on going to Spencer's farewell but I didn't want to drag our germs down to California. But maybe that's just more memories to add to our story. It was a wonderful holiday season to wrap up 2017!

Monday, December 25, 2017

Christmas Day

Santa must have been quiet because no one woke up too early at least at our house.
First order of business besides put the casseroles in the oven was find the pickle on tree.
 Then it was present time.
We spent the afternoon eating and chillin until it was time to go to Ashley's house for dinner. They serve soups and yummy stuff like cheese and crackers and dried fruits. Divine.
Christina and Logan left and then we played some games while we were there. It was just a fun relaxing night.

Sunday, December 24, 2017

...More Christmas...

Christmas Eve fell on a Sunday this year so everyone had combined Sacrament meetings. Ashley was singing in her ward so we all decided to go to hers. We got a nice group picture after the meeting.
That evening everyone came to our house to celebrate some more. We started with a candy cane hunt for the kids in the front yard. It was so fun to watch them running around searching.
Christina & Logan arrived then and got to see them for a minute.
After our hunt we made Christmas bags for stockings. I had the bright idea of using stickers and puff paints to decorate them. The paint got everywhere.  OOPS
While the bags were drying out we played some games. I had a saran wrap game for the little kids and one for the adults. The grandkids had a fantastic time and it was so fun to watch them all getting into it.
There was saran wrap and candy flying everywhere! 
As fun as that was it paled in comparison to watching the adults trying to tear into their box. Once they saw there were gift cards involved it really heated up!
A new favorite game is born!
It was the best time ever.
 After we finished playing we filled the stocking bags and had the grandkids open theirs since their Christmas pjs were in there.

They looked pretty cute all decked out in their new pajamas. Then it was off to bed for Ashley's family while I made the Christmas breakfast casseroles for the next morning. Time to call it a night and wait for Santa.