Sunday, June 28, 2015

Shopping Day

Christina and I found the cutest little boutique store awhile ago and we have loved popping in from time to time to drool and window shop. It was a secret really but I guess I can finally share. I was able to find a day when Ashley could go see it so we took the day for a girl's shopping trip. We missed Christina who hasn't been able to make it down this summer but we decided we couldn't wait any longer and went. First stop...Amber's Umbrella.
Ta store ever!

 We spent all morning browsing and drooling and lots of ohhh and ahhhhs. I wish I had a million dollars that kind of thing. I did finally take the plunge and buy some vintage suitcases though and made my suitcase stack for the living room. Pretty exciting for me.
 The shopping was followed by a fantabulous lunch at Zupas of course. After lunch Ashley suggested a cupcake shop she had tried before and I was all over that. Who can resist a cupcake after all?

 Oh ya it was so good. Grasshopper cupcakes for dessert. Loved them. We did some more shopping and finished off the day tired but pretty darn happy! It was wonderful to spend the day together and I am pretty sure Ashley enjoyed being childless for a bit too. Win win.
My vintage suitcase stack sits proudly in the corner even though Mendis called it a pile of junk. Men!

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Father's Day

We had our traditional Father's Day Breakfast Buffet. There's no going back now because it's tradition and well loved by all, especially the dad's. We met Ashley & Benjy and their kids at the Red Rock this year bright and early so they wouldn't run out of food on us, lol. We were anticipating a big ol' line but we got lucky and there was none at all. Any other Saturday it would be packed! We all had a yummy breakfast and I am happy to say no one was worrying about their stupid diets this morning.

 Luckily the green jello only got mauled but not eaten!

Really it's all about watching the kids eat. With this kind of entertainment what else do you need right!!
So Mendis and I went shopping after for his present. He got a new grill finally. A webber that just got delivered to our house this week in fact. We are both pretty excited to fire that baby up. See what I did there!
So Saturday night we took Grandpa Cooper out for Father's day with the Coopers to Buca de Beppo. Seriously we had two meals that day and we were still full.

 After dinner we introduced Ashley and Benjy to the Sweet Tooth Fairy for cupcakes and cookies! You're welcome Ash.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Play Date with Cooper

I had the day off June 3 so I thought it would be a great day to have Cooper over to play. It was the last full day of school so we drove by and watched the kids at Water Day on the way by. We played with the marbleworks, the water toy, puzzles and tiles and colored. 

How cute is that!

 Cooper watched the Jungle Book while I made popcorn for Ashley's mutual. He started off in a pretty normal position but morphed into this.

 Cooper did help me test the popcorn to make sure it was ok. Every time he walked by he tested it lol.