Monday, October 5, 2015

Back & Forth

Our theme this fall was going back and forth to Provo. We went alot. It started with the end of August and continued until November. We knew Rachel was visiting Idaho and going to Provo the end of August but we weren't planning on going up. We had just seen her a couple of weeks before and we wanted to give Ashley and Benjy and the boys a chance to visit with her. Well wouldn't you know we ended up going anyway because Aunt Alzina passed away so we needed to go up for her funeral.So since we were all there we did so of course have to go to Heaps for dinner one night.
 On another one of our trips to a BYU game we were able to get a hold of Rachel and Jordan and take them to Brick Oven. Unfortunately Laura and Ray (Jordan's wife) had to work. So we ate enough for them too lol.We couldn't help but notice the checked table cloth going with the theme of Christina's shirt yet again!!
Nice Combo
We had such fun going to all the BYU games we could. We did have to give two games of tickets to Christina because we just couldn't swing it. Our loss was her gain. One game we kept hearing a cheer going up from the crowd and it was still an hour before the game. We couldn't figure out what was happening and then we noticed Elder Uchtdorf waving to the crowd. He walked around the whole field and waved to people and chatted. Very Cool!!
All too soon the football season was at an end. We were so sad when the season was over.

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