Sunday, April 16, 2017


This year we stayed home for Easter and had the family over.
The anticipation of the egg hunt was brutal. Everyone was ready to burst but Grandpa made them keep it under control just to torture them a little more.

 Dane was basically set free! Finally.
 Cooper found about a million eggs.
 Shayla has the hang of this..sorta.
 Rees out there tearing it up.

I should have really gotten a picture of the end results. Seriously those kids made a haul. We had eggs, Ashley brought eggs and so did Charlie and Alisha. 
 It was egg heaven. But we were hungry so we busted up the egg hunt party and went in and had a fabulous Easter meal together. 

Side note: how pretty are my deviled eggs on my new platter?
Love holidays with my family.

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