Friday, April 28, 2017

A Visit From the Great White North

So my Mom & Dad were back into travel mode after taking about a year and a half off for health problems. It seems like just yesterday they were hanging out on our couch but it really had been awhile. They were on the way down to California to see Emily when she came home from her mission. Of course that happened to be the very same day as Hayden & Megan's graduation. 
Never fails!
SO they spent a couple of days with us before they went down and a couple of days on the way back too. I wanted to do something fun with them for Mother's and Father's Day so I had them choose between massages or the Wynn Buffet. I guess it really shouldn't have come as any kind of surprise they chose the Wynn. Worked for us! We were actually there for two hours. It flew by and we all really enjoyed ourselves. What's not to enjoy I guess. That was our big treat while they were here.
We had Ashley's family over for dinner one night and we stuck close to home the rest of the time pretty much. It was a good visit even though I think they were disappointed we didn't play games at all. Mendis just didn't have the time and when he does that's not his favorite any more.
Maybe next time.

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