Monday, April 17, 2017

Out with the Old

About two years ago our lovely tree died. Just croaked in about a month. There was nothing we could do to stop it either because believe me we tried. I was so discouraged as we just looked at the dead thing there for 2 years.
 Mendis rented a backhoe so he could dig it out and we could finally replace it.  He decided it would be a great thing for Dane to come help since the other boys were at school and he hadn't been able to do some other things.
 I had to go to work for most of it but I did get to snap a couple of pictures during lunch.
 Pretty sure Dane was in heaven.
So here's our replacement tree.  Looks pitiful at the moment but we're crossing our fingers it grows quickly and is with us for many year to come. 
I wish the story had a happier ending because now we see our chinese pistachio is dying. I don't know what is going on back there but I'm devastated.

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