Sunday, July 31, 2016


We spent some time lounging around the time share this morning. Lovely.
We actually spent the whole day today in town. So unusual for us. We took a tour all around the whole area so we could see Table Lake and other spots around town. After our scenic loop we went to the historic district of Branson to check out the stores. First can I say what a hot and humid day! What looked like little hills to climb became like mountains in no time. Whew!

Christina and I found a Victorian shop that was incredible. There was so much stuff everywhere in true Victorian style that it was pretty overwhelming. We just walked around and stared.
Right next door was another amazing store. Dick's 5 & 10. What a blast from the past. Each row was fun to go up and down because every single aisle was different. I loved the old sewing notions that looked just like they would have years and years ago. They had candies from days gone by that I haven't seen in years. 


Apparently I walked right by a penny smashing machine numerous times too and never even noticed. So later when I figured that out we had to climb back up the hill so I could smash some pennies for the grand kids. 
We had a great time doing more antique shopping. I think we are hooked now big time on antiquing. I get it though because now all the "antiques" are things from my childhood and have such fond memories attached! We are loving it. We rode out the afternoon shower in an antique shop or two and then went down the hill to get some lunch.  We opted for a healthy lunch at Subway and then not so healthy snack of ice cream. Total rip off but it tasted good anyway. We took a lovely stroll down by the river and loved the cool breeze.
 There was a cute bunch of ducklings swimming around that we watched for awhile.
 After we walked around for awhile we decided it was time for dinner at Olive Garden. 
We still had lots of time to get to the show thank goodness because the traffic was the usual jam up on the way down the "strip". 
We had heard great things about the show SIX so we were excited to check that one out tonight. It is six brothers of ten that perform together with absolutely no instruments. They were amazing.They each have a camero they park out front before the show.

After the show we got talking about it and decided they just had to be LDS. They showed family pictures and they were all dressed so modestly. One of them knew Japanese so we were guessing mission experience. It just started to all add up to us. We decided to go back for the meet and greet afterward the show and get their autographs and find out. 
Sure enough every single one of them was a returned missionary. Pretty cool. We only had a second to chat but we enjoyed meeting these guys. It was an great night with a fun performance. We highly recommend it!!

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