Saturday, July 23, 2016

Getting Started on Route 66

It's been a bucket list thing for us for years and now we're finally on the mother road. We hoped to get started earlier in the day but we did the best we could and ended up getting to Kingman AZ about 4pm. Not ideal but oh well. 
We were so excited to see our first kitchie signs just outside of Kingman going east on 66
A couple more fun things later and we hit the motherlode of fun stops. Hackberry General Store was incredible! We had such fun checking out all the vintage cars, gas, pumps, pop machine, you name it. we were in heaven. A must see for any serious Route 66 trip!!
Ok yes even the ladies room was fabulous!
Pretty sure this was the best stop of the day. We drove by so many fun things including ruins of old buildings that looked like they were so amazing in their day. We wished we would have had more time to stop and see everything. Seligman was an amazing town also. Lots and lots to see here but we had to just snap some pictures and keep on a going.

Doesn't this look like it came right off the set of Cars!
Loved the Berma Shave signs coming and going from Seligman. Brought back lots of fun memories for me.
The weather started to turn and we were so far behind it was almost a blessing that we missed a Route 66 sign right at I 40 and ended up on the freeway. We sped off to Flagstaff and enjoyed a wonderful DDD dinner at Salsa Brava. The salsa bar was amazing.
 It came recommended by the Jensens and it didn't disappoint. 
We quickly headed back on the road to Holbrook so we could get to our hotel before the front desk closed at 10pm. Made it with 15 min to spare.
We really loved our little Route 66 Motel, the Globetrotter Lodge. It was fixed up very nice (3beds) and was clean and cute! I can recommend it for sure. Loved the AC that pretty much hid the train noise. It was not a problem for us at all. Thank goodness because there were tons and tons of trains!
Right across the street was the famous Wigwam Motel but it was booked of course. What was I thinking trying to get a reservation just days before our trip?

Both motels had vintage cars and stuff everywhere. Very cool! Day one ended so late so we are hoping for a much earlier start in the morning.

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