Tuesday, July 26, 2016

66 Thru Texas

You don't get to spend much time driving through Texas on Route 66 but it's fun to cross the state off as you pass through. We spent so much time during our day that we had to hustle on over to Adrian, Texas so we could see the Midpoint marker.
Our plan was to get some pictures and celebrate arriving at the midpoint line by having some pie at the Mid Point Cafe and Gift Shop. We arrived about 3:45 and started snapping pictures and enjoying the spot. Much to our surprise by the time we were ready to go get some pie they were closing up! Darn it!! They let us quickly go through the gift shop but bathrooms were cleaned for the day and denied and we couldn't even grab a piece of pie for the road...oops. We blew it. So they close at 4 and they mean it. We could use a few less calories anyway. The midpoint line is in need of a fresh coat of paint but that just added to the whole Route 66 look.
We loved finding the "Bent Door"

Next on the list of must sees was the Cadillac Ranch. It's more folk art than we expected actually now that's all painted up with every color spray paint known to man but it was fun to see it. You don't need to worry about bringing your own spray paint if you want to participate because there were lots of cans there. We didn't get too close ourselves since there was a breeze going and we knew if we stood on the wrong side we could end up coated in stray spray (see what I did there).  

Moving on again...we just had to Play Amarillo by Morning as we were going through Amarillo! And doesn't everyone play Take it Easy as you are driving through Winslow AZ?? Seriously if not what's up with that? Tulsa Time was coming up the next day by the way.

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