Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Route 66 Tripping thru New Mexico and on East

It's crazy to think we left Santa Fe at about 9 in the morning and stopped in Oklahoma City about 10 pm. It was a long day but we packed in a ton of course. I think I will just mention New Mexico for this post because there are a millin pictures to choose from. We had breakfast at the Flying Tortilla in Santa Fe. It won best breakfast so how bad could it be? We actually really loved it. I'm not usually one to go for chile peppers for breakfast but...

Loved the breakfast. I had a chile relleno omelet that was too die for! I actually enjoyed it most of the day in fact lol but I'd do it again in a second. We left Santa Fe wishing we had more time to explore more but we had to roll on. We took the Route 66 Santa Fe loop all the way down to the I 40. Leaving the Santa Fe area and going through the mountains was just beautiful. Lots of trees pretty vistas of the valley below. Loved driving through Apache Canyon, very scenic and way too short.

We made a quick stop at Glorieta to check out the civil war site. They say there was lots of action there so it was called the Gettysburg of the west.

So we found Pigeon Ranch (the old stage stop) just a mile probably from Glorieta. We peeked inside as recommended but it was super hard to see the old brands written on the wall. Mostly because the windows were so dusty and dirty.

This shot is a bit better. We did not try to get in and didn't notice the washed out no trespassing sign posted on the building. We hope it was referring to trying to inside the old adobe building.

We made a quick stop at Pecos National Park and got some stamps in our passports!
As we drove on we noticed the elevation dropping which was expected but still sad because the trees started to thin out. By the time we were headed down by Dilia we were completely out of the trees and back to the high dessert. Never happy about that.
"Well at least we have a cool substation to look at"
So reading the guide books I finally noticed that the route to Santa Fe was an optional loop of 66. The original older route went that way but after 1937 they did the cut off of Santa Fe that was more direct to Albuquerque. Going east that was pretty hard to keep clear in the directions so we missed a turn and ended up back on I 40 heading to Santa Rosa. We made sure to get off the freeway in lots of time to drive through Tucumcari. Thank goodness we did because it was a jewel of a town. There were lots of abandoned old buildings but we loved how they keep most of the signage from Route 66 still up no matter what. Some buildings have been restored but most were not. Still amazing to see though.

One of our favorites was this fun motel that looked like it was right out of the fifties. It was hard to get a great picture of it though because we were starving by then, lol.

After driving up and down the whole main drag we headed to Kix on 66 for a late lunch,

The place was packed! We had to sit at the lunch counter but we loved that anyway. Our burgers were fantastic and the root beer floats hit the spot.

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