Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Tulsa Time on Route 66

By now it seems like we have been on the road for days and days but we kinda have. We enjoyed going through Texas and were excited to hit the OK border since we still had some miles to go. We got to Weatherford and figured we better have dinner before everything was closed for the night. We found a gem in Lucille's Roadhouse! It was originally a service station and eventually a diner and now both a diner and steakhouse. Unfortunately we were too late to eat in the diner but dinner at the steak house was great. We enjoyed the blue lemonade, a house specialty.
We spent the night in Oklahoma City after driving through the rest of New Mexico, Texas and part of Oklahoma in one day. Pounding out the miles like that really makes it hard to see so much of what Route 66 has to offer but we tried to get in lots of highlights.
The next day we drove through Tulsa. This was a first for us for us and we were looking forward to it especially after I read that it was famous for the Art Deco style! It was true. Who knew Tulsa's architecture was so amazing!  Lots of pictures. Sorry not sorry!
We spent some time antiquing in Tulsa which was a blast. 
Lots of great finds and reasonable prices too. 
We went to Talley's Cafe for lunch. The food was good just not super clean there but it might not have helped that we arrived just after the lunch rush. Great decor with the red/black. 
We enjoyed a plate of fried green tomatoes with our lunch.
We had such a good time in Tulsa it was sad to leave.
We saw this fun arch on the way out of town.
Not far out of town at Catoosa is the Blue Whale. I knew since seeing it on the Great Food Truck Race we had to see it for ourselves.
We also made a quick detour for the Totem Pole Park, site of the "world's largest totem pole".
Further down the road you have to drive the I 44 by Vinita so you can drive right under the world's largest McDonald's. It seriously straddles the freeway.
On to Missouri!

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