Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Made it to Branson Missouri

We finally made it to Branson at the end of our day of driving and we were happy to be there. We just drove straight freeway this time after checking out the Blue Whale and got to our time share. When we finally got all checked in we went to unload and we noticed they gave us a lockoff room with just one bed. Well that wasn't right and there was no way we would fit so they moved us with no problem. Thank goodness because we were pretty tired. It was pretty late (again) so we just hit Cracker Barrel for dinner then called it a night.

Bright and early (ok after we slept in I mean) we started off with a time share presentation! Ya we are dumb. It was supposed to be how better to use ours etc etc bla bla bla. Didn't do much for my mood but I'm happy to report we didn't buy anything but we did get three tickets to a show tonight. Oh and lunch, sorta not the best but oh well it was free lunch. So it's such thing as a free lunch. It cost two hours of my life.
Here we are on our time share tour when I'm still in a good mood.
Photo cred going to Christina who screen shot her snapchats for me.
After our tour we drove around Branson a bit, picked up our tickets for the show and hit the outlet mall to do a little shopping.  There were some pretty good deals to be had unfortunately.
After our shopping break we headed back to our time share for a bbq dinner they put on.  They bring in a ton of acts from the local shows to kind of give everyone an idea of what their performances are out there and what you might like to see. It was actually a great idea.

Christina and I got the giggles so bad over this brochure. Our tables were full of brochures of the shows for everyone to look at. Giggles? Ok it was full on roflol. He was actually a great performer but his wig was hilarious to say the least.

After the dinner/show it was time to go see the Haygoods perform. Our first ever Branson live show.

Ready for the show to start.

It was quite the opening act.

We really enjoyed the show. I admit I had low/no expectations but it was really fun. It was very upbeat and we had a great time. So much fun we got tickets to another show this week!

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