Friday, July 29, 2016

Driving the Ozarks

We decided to have a relaxing day and tour the Ozark Mountains. We spent a few minutes buying our show tickets for tomorrow and then drove through Branson to find a place for brunch. We decided on a Belgium waffle and pancake house since IHOP was packed to the rafters as usual. After Breakfast we took hwy 65 south to see what we could see out there. It got really pretty by Buffalo National River. Love that river. It's just gorgeous and peaceful too.
We drove right to an amazing overlook with a cute little gift shop so of course we had to stop there.
This is the site of the now infamous "Mom is ignoring me while I'm trying to take a picture of us" picture. hahaha. I was pretty busy trying to figure out the settings on my camera and needed a minute or two. It was pretty funny.
That camera wasn't so easy to figure out! We drove through some beautiful countryside that afternoon. We stopped several times to just take pictures and enjoy it. We discovered you better not take an unfamiliar road thinking you could just turn around and go back because you usually had to go clear down the mountain before you could even find a place to turn around! The tree lined back roads were breathtaking for us dessert rats and that was our favorite.
We stopped at Mystic Caverns on our way back . We had missed the tour by 25 min before but this time we were just 5 min back so they caught us up to the tour. Perfect. It was really beautiful. Not huge but it was a very nice stop.
 As we were driving back to Branson we decided this would be the best night to run up to Ozark City and go to Lamberts. It was a good half hour north. We got the tip that it was super fun and good food. The place was huge thank goodness because it was completely packed to the rafters with hungry people, including us. There was tons of food to pick from but no matter what you ordered they came around with pots of additional dishes for you to get a scoop of. We passed on the fried okra. We tried the macaroni with tomatoes. The fried potatoes were excellent. Of course the most fun thing was the rolls. They literally threw you a roll. Even if you were right by them you better catch a roll. The rolls themselves were probably the best rolls I have ever had. Sorry mom. Seriously killer good.
 Notice how enormous the drink mugs were! We did NOT need any refills.

Another super fun day in Branson.

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