Saturday, July 23, 2016

Continuing on to Santa Fe

As we were driving through Holbrook we noticed lots of rock hound stops that looked pretty darn fun. Christina wanted a piece of petrified wood for her classroom so we thought we better turn around and investigate in case we didn't see any more opportunities (bahahaha).
Well we saw rocks and petrified wood aplenty and dinosaurs too!

One of the most outlandish and amusing stops was just down the road yet.
Why have any ol dinosaur when you can have one eating a man?
It was a hoot but believe it or not we didn't even go in because it looked like there wasn't a soul around. Maybe we missed a cool opportunity but we had to get going. We went to the Indian trading post across the way and loaded up on souvenirs and kept going toward Albuquerque. There wasn't much Route 66 to speak of just side trips that didn't seem promising so we hit the I 40. Our lunch adventures in Albuquerque didn't go very well because the little spot I picked out was closed on weekends so we headed north. We discovered Which Wich and we are now fans for sure. Going Northish to Santa Fe didn't have any opportunities for Route 66 driving to speak of. We go in about 15 miles or so if that all day. 
Finally we got to Santa Fe. Out first stop after checking in and grabbing a quick nap was the Carolyn Pollock jewelry my souvenirs!! We finally got to old Santa Fe and walked all around during the evening.

We had a yummy pizza dinner and then did some more shopping and looking around.

Checked out the oldest building in the USA
And the oldest church
Well another beautiful and fun day came to a close.

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