Saturday, July 23, 2016

Holbrook, Arizona on Route 66

This cute little place deserves it's very own post. I have so many pictures I just couldn't decide so I'm choosing lots.
Our little motel looked just cute even in the light of day. Don't you just love the vintage cars parked in the background. So while everyone was finishing getting ready for the day I grabbed the camera and headed down the street.
This Route 66 motel was right across the street from ours and as you can see it hasn't received any love at all over the years.
I loved this place.
The Stage Coach Steak House was pretty neat too.
The stage coach on the roof was fun
Just like bees to honey I ended up at the WigWam Motel just like I knew I would.
Most people were already checked out. There were quite a few wigwams open so I figured it was really an invitation for me to go inside and check one out. 
I loved the classic cars parked out in front of everyone. I couldn't take just one picture and be satisfied sorry!
Well enough doddling time to check out and get back on the road!

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