Thursday, August 4, 2016

More Branson

This was show day! It was our last day here and we had so much fun at the other shows we saw in Branson we decided to just cram in a couple more while we could. The best way to do that is to go to the concierge and get a few bucks off.
This gal worked her magic and got us tickets to two more shows for the day. We were pretty bummed though because we had our hearts set on seeing Mike Walker and his impressions show. His mini performance really left us laughing but by the time we decided to see it there were no more shows that week. We were a little devastated but decided to go to his Conway Twitty tribute show instead. His preshow show was awesome and his show was great too.
Since we couldn't take pictures we thought this would work haha. Since Conway remembered was an early afternoon show we decided to go shopping until dinner. 
Back to the outlets but this time we didn't clean up quite as much darn it.
We had our traditional afternoon rain so we just ducked into more stores and let it pass. Perfect planning. After dinner at Shindings it was time for our last performance. 
We opted for the Eagles tribute because it's the bad can it be. The theater left alot to be desired. In fact Mendis said it was like going to a concert in someone's basement. The show itself was pretty fun. The music was great. The lead singer was a bit over the top but they did a great job overall. We were glad we went.

We had a really great time in Branson...who knew!! We thought about extending our stay another day but we were excited to move on too and visit Hayden & Megan. So it was a great place that we would visit again without question.

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