Saturday, August 6, 2016

On to Omaha!

Saturday morning it was time to pack up and hit the road again. I thought I would include a few time share pictures. Pretty dated but it sure did the trick. It's always roomier than a hotel for sure.
I we drove up toward we made a pit stop. Yup we stopped at Lamberts to get a dozen rolls to go. We should have gotten 2 dozen though because then we would have felt free to eat as many as we wanted. We were after all on vacation. they came so hot and steamy we had to wait a minute or two before eating one!
Man those rolls are good. You gotta go if you ever get the chance.
So as we were driving again we got a kick out of the Fantastic Cavern billboards all along the way. Seriously they were every where. Just like "See Rock City":
 We kept on going and went straight to Kansas City where we planned to go to Joe's Kansas City BBQ. We knew before we even left home we were going to go there! It was actually the original gas station one which was fun. What wasn't fun was the wait. We were in line at least 10 min before the people behind us and they timed their wait at 48 minutes. Felt like two hours because the smell alone was killing us and it was late for lunch as it was.
People were dropping out like crazy which really helped us move up.
 Lunch was worth the wait. No question.
 We got back in the car in our protein coma and hit the road again. Finally in Iowa we started seeing corn fields. That's a sure sign that we are getting close to Omaha.
 We got there later than we expected but Hayden & Megan were waiting for us and we were ready for our next adventure. To be continued...

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