Friday, August 12, 2016

Hanging out in Lincoln

This morning we had our last sleep in of the trip. We picked up Hayden from selling and met Meg at Costco. We made a day of it in the samples while we waited to get Hayden and new phone and give his old one to Chris. After the great phone swap we had lunch so Hayden could get back to work. We decided to go to Lincoln as well so we could meet him easier for dinner. There was lots to see in Lincoln too.
 Our first stop of course.
There were trophies galore. They even had their 3 heisman trophies displayed in a special room as part of a video tribute. They popped out briefly so you could see them from a distance. It was pretty cool. We enjoyed taking a tour of the stadium.

The weight room was fun to see of course.

After checking out the Corn Huskers turf we decided to do a little antiquing. Yup we are hooked.
Surprisingly enough we didn't buy anything. Again too bad we couldn't haul it home.
We drove downtown and got a look at the state capital building.
It is a most unusual capital building. Very cool I think.
After the tour we had time so we went to the public botanical gardens. They were really nice. A little oasis in the middle of the city. We got out and walked around and enjoyed the flowers and people watched.

 We picked up Hayden who had a great day of sales and went to dinner at Cheddars. We had a great meal and made the trip back to Omaha later that night.

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