Saturday, August 13, 2016

It's the End of the Road

There's nothing more dad to me than to come to the end of a vacation. I was going to say especially one that was so fun but every vacation we take is so much fun. It's not that I don't like to go home but I just love vacations. And in the summer who loves to go home to the heat!! SO we left Omaha and hit the road going west instead of east. 
This is a fun arch crossing the freeway by Kearney, Nebraska.
We spent teh day driving to Denver and made great time. We saw a little forest fire right in Denver that was probably caused by a lightening strike. We got into some stormy weather with some rain here and there and lightening. We love that! You could even smell the fire from our room which is a bit nerve wracking but it wasn't a problem after all. We had a good dinner at Carrabas and were off early the next morning. Driving on the I-40 is so beautiful through the mountains. It has everything. There are tunnels galore, huge mountains (especially being back east), cool air and gorgeous scenery.
I love the mines and ghost towns in the mountains.
Then there's tunnels and more tunnels. Who doesn't honk going through them?
It is a little tricky honking through this huge Eisenhower tunnel so we keep it down in there but...
When we go through the Glenwood Springs canyon it's bitter sweet. It's so beautiful but it's also the end of the forest!

As we left the forest and mountains we looked forward to a quick stop in Grand Junction for lunch and a quick break. We also had one more pretty part of the trip.
We love the reef area. The rocks are so pretty and we love to drive through the grand reef. And as luck would have it there was more rain to enjoy for the last day of traveling. Nothing beats driving through the rain and gloomy skies.

We drove through the rain and had dinner in St George. We made pretty great time because we drove into the drive way about 9 that night. We just got our suitcases into the house in time for a power outage to hit. Seriously? So that kept us busy for a couple of hours and then we knew the party was over. Back to our life. Christina left the next morning and I went back to work. We were so blessed to have such a great vacation. It was a blast. We didn't know just how blessed until the weekend when I took the car in for an oil change and found out our back tires were balding and had bubbles on the inside! Whew.

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