Saturday, August 6, 2016

Downtown Omaha...At Night...Who Knew!

We arrived just in time to go to VooDoo Taco. We had heard all about since last summer and now we finally got to try it for ourselves. The hardest part was choosing what we wanted to try. I got the fried avocado taco. It was amazing. We had alot of fun trying out everyone's food because it was all so different. You could definately tell there was a Louisianna influence and we loved it.

Another fun place to go back to! 
We decided to head right downtown and check out the night life. We were amazed. There were people everywhere. They were eating and walking around and hanging out and mostly drinking.  There were horse drawn carriages everywhere too. They had the buildings all lit up and restored looking pretty great.
Here's a few party animals. We walked all around and took it all in. 

Found a fun little candy store. Mendis' favorite was the chocolate dipped fudge. I went for the marzipan. The hazelnut truffle was the best.
We walked down to this fountain.  It was huge and so pretty changing colors every minute or so. We had to practice our selfie skills.
Some of us may need to practice more than others!
We finished the night up with some ice cream. Luckily we did walk some of that off tonight.

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