Thursday, August 11, 2016

Sunday in Winter Quarters

We really enjoyed going to Hayden & Megan's ward in Chaco Hills. Everyone there was friendly and seemed really nice. After church we thought we'd go to Winter Quarters and check that out since we've never stopped there before. The visitors center is open so it was the perfect Sunday activity.
This was outside of the visitors center. 
Gotta get a group selfie!
We took a tour inside and learned some interesting things about the pioneers that went through here so long ago. They sure went through alot back then.
They even had these cute wooden miniatures for the kids to play with...or the teachers.
Just across the street there was a memorial to the pioneers and the cemetery right beside the Temple.

The stain glass windows in the Temple looked beautiful. I bet they are gorgeous from the inside.
I thought the detail work in the doors was very beautiful too.
After a lovely afternoon of visiting the Temple area we headed back to a wonderfull dinner Megan made us of chicken burritos. It was awesome to see fresh veggies again like lettuce and tomatoes. She made some yummy oreo truffles that we ate a ton of too. We got to laze around and take advantage of the wifi and just hang out and visit.
Then to be extra charitable we let them beat the heck out of us in rumikub. Great fun even if we lost.

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