Friday, August 1, 2014

Friday, August 1

Construction Day!
Well that's what it felt like. We only had about 500 miles to do Friday so it should have gone flying by. Of course we hit lots of construction along the way and that really slowed us down.
Loading that van clear full
 That morning I let Christina in on the proposal plan so she could man a camera for us and we hit the road. Going through Omaha about killed Hayden because he wanted to stop and see Haydn Waite pretty bad. We went through there way to early to hook up for lunch though so they were disappointed. We loved Nebraska. Who knew. It was gorgeous and green and rolling fields with trees everywhere. Just beautiful!
Crossing the Mississippi and almost to Nauvoo!

The Mississippi

 We rolled into Nauvoo about 5:30 which made it too late for Hayden's plan so that had to wait. Every single person who used GPS to get to the rental house ended up in a graveyard so luckily Rachel and Jeff were already there and helped us find the place. Mom and Dad were there too but we were the first to arrive. In fact we pretty much had the rest of the night with just us. Ashley and Benjy came in just behind us.

Decorating the windows

 We all went downtown to find some dinner. There wasn't much to choose from so it that went fast. After dinner we headed down to the Nauvoo British Pageant. We had heard so much about it we were glad we got there in time. Ashley's family decided to sit out the pageant and it's a good thing.

About 2/3 of the way through the weather turned bad and a heck of a storm rolled in. It swirled all around us for about an hour but finally they stopped the show as rain started to hit. We ran to the cars and got soaked before we got there. They continued the pageant apparently but we didn't go back. We went back to the house and later that night Nadine rolled in. After we had all gone to bed Carolyn's family arrived.

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