Thursday, July 31, 2014

Time for the Reunion!

Wednesday July 30 Mendis and I headed out of here as fast as we could after work. In fact we left work early and hit the road about 2pm. We had to hurry and pick up the rental van in St George. By the way renting that van was money well spent. We actually sailed through that and got to Hayden's apartment a few minutes early. Hayden had picked up Megan already so we grabbed some dinner and hit the road.
I actually drove the car and Mendis drove the van to Provo. We did that so when we got back to Provo Hayden and Megan could leave early if they wanted while we did some visiting. I had a nice quiet trip to Provo!
We crashed at Christina's house which is so convenient. We hauled the air mattress out for Christina, Hayden hit the couch, Megan had Christina's room and Mendis and I got the spare room. It worked out great.
We were up and out by close to 8am which was our goal. I think we were only about 15 minutes behind so that was amazing. Mendis and Hayden had gone out to run and throw but the fields were locked so they ended up getting muddy in a park. So as we loaded everything up in the van it was clear we would have been totally hosed in the car. We were packed to the rafters! In fact we left a few things in Provo but we were ready to roll. We went through McDonald's drive thru for breakfast and we were off...
 We got started on the scavenger hunt right away but we knew three teams had a couple of days jump start on us. We were crossing things off fast and furious though. I am not sure if we saw much of Provo Canyon or Heber City because we were busy marking things off the list! We thought for sure we had it in the bag by the end of the day.
We drove clear through to Kearny Nebraska that day taking the I-80. Most of this was new territory for us so that was fun. It was over 750 miles of fun and it took all day. We drove past Green River, Wy where Megan lived as a baby. We drove all the way through Utah, Wyoming and well into Nebraska. We stopped at Little America to see what all the fuss was about, bought my magnet and kept on going. We were having a heck of a time finding a caboose for the scavenger hunt so we took a picture of a picture of one at Applebee's and sent it to Jeff and Ashley just for fun. Well we thought is was funny. Luckily we saw one the next day. We must have seen a hundred trains and just that one caboose! That night we went for a walk around the motel to unwind and stretch out a bit before we hit the hay for the next day.

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