Friday, July 18, 2014

Pizza Guy

Hayden had a job this summer where he wasn't working for Zona or Dr J. I think he was excited about it to start with but then the luster wore off a little as time wore on. When you have a job it's never convenient or fun to miss out on things but it is fun to get a paycheck no matter how small it may seem. He worked at Rigatti's Pizza in St George. He claimed it was the best pizza ever so after hearing that all summer it was time to check it out for ourselves. Let's face it he makes that claim often but darn it he was right again. It was really good.

We only got there twice this summer though. We got our last half off pizza just before he had to quit for our trip and football. I am sure it won't be our last time there. It was fun to watch him get the pizza ready. We especially loved watching him toss the pizza:
Now the grand kids can see him toss that pizza!

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