Sunday, July 6, 2014

July 4th

Finally after all these years we got to go inside the Stadium of Fire. The few times that we have been there we were on the outside watching on the grass somewhere wishing we were on the inside. Everyone got to go but Ashley's family since Benjy had to work.
We all crowded into Christina's house for the weekend. It was like a huge slumber party in there because we took the mattress off her bed and put it in the living room beside the air mattress so we could be in the ac. It was hot in the back but Mendis slept there anyway.

The Provo Temple under construction
Heading to the Provo Freedom Festival

Fabulous balloon display!
Ready for the SHOW!

The performances were great but we especially loved the trampoline group. They had super heroes doing an amazing routine that was mesmerizing. We really enjoyed Studio C and of course Carrie Underwood was awesome.
Carrie Underwood at last.

The next day was Saturday so hit Zupas and then we decided to take the Frontrunner up to City Creek on SLC. Good fun. None of us had been on it before and we were up for a new adventure.

The princess at the Disney store
City Creek is beautiful especially in the summer.
The shopping was fun of course but mostly for the women. Men not as much.
After an afternoon of shopping we had dinner and headed over to Temple square. It was fun to see the exhibits again because it had really been a long time.

Okay so maybe we got a little carried away with the Selfies. But it was so fun.
But this one is pretty perfect!
Being goofy on Hayden's phone
The Temple was beautiful at Twilight especially.

What a fun weekend. It was over in a flash.

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Rachel Cooper said...

Haha! Seriously I have no self control when it comes to selfies