Monday, June 30, 2014

Christina's Home!

It was so fun to have Christina here for a couple of days. She got here in time for the tea party and got to stay for a couple of days. Friday we ran into Vegas and did some shopping.
Of course we hit Zupas!
WColdwater Creek which was a disappointment oh well. We got to two malls and got a couple more things for family pictures. The great find of the day was at Charming Charlie's.. Love that store and how come I have never heard of it before? 
 Saturday night we took her to Tuacahn to see The Wizard of Oz.
That's two summers in a row for her. We spent Saturday night at a hotel because the next morning we headed up to Cedar City for Bryce's farewell.  He is going to South Korea on his mission and leaving July2.

Alyse is about to become an only child for awhile.

Ashley & Benjy celebrated their anniversary (since it's in December they do it in June) and asked Christina if she would stay with the kids for about 24 hours. I told her I could help her so I took Monday off and we hung out at Ashley's house for the day. I did not spend the night with her though. I figured she was on her own for that!

Fun Pinterest activity I found

The awesome water toy

 So Christina took the kids to the park while I put Dane down for bed. When they came back I had strung red yarn up both sides of the hall (with Ashley's permission) for a spy obstacle course. It was perfect because I told them true spies had to be as silent as possible so they didn't disturb the enemy or in this case Dane haha.

I think they loved it. What a fun weekend. It went by in a flash as usual!

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