Monday, June 23, 2014

Happy Birthday to Me!

  What a birthday I had this year. The girls threw me a tea party (that's another post) and Mendis took me shopping and out to dinner. And on my birthday everyone kept coming by work and giving me presents...awesome. So I picked out what I wanted for my birthday and it was going to require some shopping. I wanted something totally frivolous and crazy fun. Something I probably wouldn't even get myself. So I got a Royal Dalton Tea Set. Crazy huh. I shopped online for weeks to pick it out and get the best deal because it is crazy expensive for a china tea set.
Beautiful right!! Polka Blue it to pieces.
After the afternoon of shopping and tracking this baby down we went to dinner. We went to Emeril Lagasse's restaurant The Delmonico Steakhouse in the Winn. Way fun. It's one of those places we always wanted to try and it was worth the wait.

This was the dining room we ate in. The place was huge and this was one of about 4 rooms. So let me take you through our dinner with us...
Incredible fun appetizer of apple slice with honey mouse with praline sprinkles

Popovers for our bread. They were so good I asked for more.

My Wilted Spinach & Frisee Salad with praline encrusted bacon. Divine!
Almost done. That fried poached egg was fab.
Mendis' New Orlean's Gumbo

My ribeye

Mushrooms & Creamed Corn Gratinee

Mendis had Bananas Foster Brownie

I had Emeril's Banana Cream Pie. It was like a heavenly cheesecake.

Here we are posing with him after dinner lol.
It was an incredible meal but definitely just for special occasions. After dinner we got to see all the weirdos decked out for the electric daisy carnival. Lots of traffic for that clear out to the speedway. Every year we get to fight through that hoard of crazies.

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