Thursday, June 26, 2014

My Tea Party Part 1

 Ashley was in the valley now and wanted to throw me a birthday party of some sort. We thought a tea party would be fun so she ran with it. Seriously she worked on it for weeks and weeks making things and planning. Christina was able to come down the day before and help her get things ready. At the last minute we had to change the day because everyone was going to be out of town. But by doing that lots more women were able to be there so it was worth it.

Adorable paper tea cup favors for everyone

Besides the herbal tea bag they were filled with shortbread

Our come in sign

Our little helper

Close up of the sidewalk decorations. They were embossed even.

The food was incredible

Every kind of herbal tea made was represented I think.
So after all the work and fun of pulling it together we were ready...

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