Monday, June 16, 2014

Father's Day Weekend

Jeff and Rachel came down for the weekend in June So we almost had everyone of our kids here. Almost because Christina was headed to Boston with her school tour so unfortunately we missed her and Benjy had to work too so he missed the fun. Friday night we all went to Los Lupe's in Mesquite for dinner and then we headed over to go bowling.

But the fun wasn't over. Since this was Jeff & Rachel's last time in town for awhile we splurged and took them to our favorite haunt. Yup we hit the Winn buffet.
My favorite!

Not sure what this says about us?
Then to totally kill the calorie count for the weekend. We all went to the Green Valley Ranch buffet for breakfast on Monday morning. This time Benjy could come! Happy Father's Day to them both. Kinda sick of food after that.

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