Friday, July 25, 2014

Preparations are Ready

So we have seen alot of a certain someone lately. Well clearly not as much as Hayden had but we were enjoying getting to know Megan over the summer. It was time for a little cyber stalking right?

Actually I wasn't really being creepy I knew all about them already. So when I got the text from Hayden that he needed help I had an idea of what he needed help with. Time for a diamond for this girl. So cyber space being what it is I was sworn to secrecy (which about killed me) and I went up to St George to take Hayden shopping. He told me what he had in mind so it was down to shopping out the best deal. Cooper men and shopping aren't the best combo but he did really well. Maybe because it was his money he was spending for a change hahah. We spent hours and I about lost him a couple of times but we were getting close.


This is the one!

I think he did a great job. Both in finding the girl and the ring!

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