Sunday, August 3, 2014

Saturday August 2 -The PROPOSAL!

So Megan was busy getting pictures of the kids and their rings and Hayden got one for her too. He gave her the prairie diamond and said wait he had another one for her. Pretty cute.
We got a couple of videos and lots of pictures. But you can never have too many right!

Gotta have one with Coop!

 So fun! We were all glad to have that finished I think because it was all a little stressful. I was so relived that she liked the ring because I was so stressed out about that. If not I totally don't want to know lol. I wish her family could have been there. It was really the perfect place to do it! I am pretty sure he caught her totally off guard or she is a great actress.
 SO now I have all my girls! I am so excited. They really are the best women ever! They are all beautiful, strong women and we just love each one of them. I love that they all get along so well and enjoy each other. I know each one of them will make great wives and mothers. And lets not forget the fun personalities:

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