Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Sunday Aug 3

We started the day off with sacrament meeting. US and all the Mormons in Nauvoo. The place was packed. the chapel was filled and the cultural hall and the relief society and primary rooms all had the meeting piped in too. It was a well oiled machine!
 After church and lunch at the house we headed back down to Old Nauvoo. We went to the bakery, the drug store, the post office and the cultural hall.
Waiting for our bakery tour

The 2nd floor of the cultural hall was full of quilts and artifacts

The 3rd floor of the cultural hall where it is believed Joseph Smith danced with Emma.

Water break for the boys

We found the Beard's from our ward at the printing press. They tried to arrange for wagon rides for all of us but there were just too many of us!

John Taylor's home.
 We all did the brick yard and a few more places and then we headed over to the Joseph Smith properties for the tour.

View of the Mississippi from the site of the original Joseph Smith cabin.

Some cute couple posing in front of Joseph Smith's mansion!
 That's the cultural hall in the background but I loved this old wagon just sitting there.
Coop & Coop

 Our kids all agreed the thing they liked the best the whole day or maybe even the whole time was the bike ride. They had an hour and raced all over every single road in Old Nauvoo. They went up and down the hill to our house to show us how much fun they were having. They did indeed have a blast.

 It was a great day. We had a yummy family dinner that night out at the pavilion.
 Dinner was a story in itself. While we were outside eating our yummy dinner of country ribs a random boy named Justin wandered over and started helping himself to dinner. He was having trouble dishing up so Nadine  helped him thinking the whole time why wasn't Ashley helping Gabe? She didn't realize until later that he wasn't Gabe at all. He just made himself at home. It was quite hilarious. His dad and the men in his family saw him but just ignored the situation. Wow. We will laugh about Justin for years now I think!
After dinner we grabbed some kids and went out to find some lightning bugs  (fireflies) for the grandkids. We didn't find many though darn it.

Love these two!

skippin rocks

Hayden and Megan down at the Mississippi.

Later that night back at the house we played some games and did some more visiting before everyone left. We handed out the prizes for the games we played too. Ashley's car won the scavenger hunt with Jeff & Rachel  coming in second and G&G Davy taking third. Well at least we didn't come in last!!
Ashley won the baby picture game too with Nadine and Christina right behind her.

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