Thursday, August 7, 2014

Tuesday August 6

It was time to leave Nauvoo. First we had to say our good byes to everyone that was still in Nauvoo with us. The worst was saying goodbye to Jeff & Rachel as they went on to Washington DC. It was so great to spend time with them before they went off to law school.
We stopped at Carthage so Megan could see it and take the tour. Everyone has to do that once for sure.
The window where Joseph Smith was shot and fell.
It's always amazing to see the bullet hole in the door.
On the way down to St Louis we went through Hannibal for a few minutes to look around. This time we didn't take the tour because time was short.
 We looked around and enjoyed the antique shops all along the street for a few minutes before painting Tom Sawyer's fence.
We wished we had more time there but we had big plans for the evening. So we headed straight down to St Louis so we could go to the Ram's football camp. We have gone to two other pro camps and we really like going. They without a doubt are a well oiled machine.

 The guys were in heaven no doubt. It was even fun for us girls especially with the free chips and salsa AND shopping in the gear tent. Fun times.
 At one point in the practice they had the linemen push each other up the hill where we were sitting. That was pretty fun to watch.

Two players ran up to get a couple of beers right after practice...unbelivable. So Hayden and Megan got their picture with them right behind them to document it. Crazy!!
The guys were dazzled by all the photo ops!

One last selfie for the road!

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