Saturday, August 9, 2014

Thursday August 8

Since we were in Kansas City we decided to go check out Independence Missouri while we were so close. We toured the Community Of Christ Temple and the LDS visitor's center and the Temple Lot. The "temple was basically just a church but it was a good tour that helped answer some questions. We were especially interested in the museum in basement and we had to take the tour to get to that so it worked out fine. After we toured their temple we went to our visitor's center and ran into Carolyn's family. That was a fun surprise. We saw some photographic displays and then left them to go across the street to the Temple lot itself.

 Not surprising the lot it still just a big green field. It still seems strange that's it's in the middle of the city. I think the Church of Christ owns it now.
The LDS Visitor's center
 So we said our goodbyes to Missouri and hit the road again. It was time to quit avoiding it and get to driving. We had to get to Denver that night and we did pretty good arriving in time for dinner. Too bad we discovered on the way if we had just gotten up and started driving we would have made it in time for the Denver Bronco's game. That's ok since it was supposedly packed and probably saved us a boat load of money anyway not going!
Flat lands!

Storm rolling in ...again!


Lots and lots of driving today and most of it was through stormy weather or grey skies. We of course loved it but I will admit to watching the skies very carefully for any tornado activity. We had a nice dinner at Outback down the street from our hotel and hit the hay after a work out. Actual working out for everyone but me who was doing some laundry for Hayden. My own style of working out.

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