Saturday, August 2, 2014

Saturday August 2

We started the day bright and early with family pictures. We took pictures with the whole clan and individual families too so we got our two hours worth no doubt.
 We started the big photo shoot at the Temple. It was just beautiful.

 Then we moved down to Brigham Young's house and took pictures by the old barn there. While we were killing time with everyone taking their family pictures since we were done pretty much I decided to take a couple across the street from the barn. I thought the back ground was beautiful and I hated to waste it.

 Then we moved up to the Browning Gunsmith's and the photographer pointed out the view from the back yard. We knew we had to finish up with some pictures there with the Temple in the background. I can't wait to see the pictures because we had some amazing places to work with. After the pictures the kids and grand kids were getting pretty squirrelly so we headed out for lunch. Food always helps calm the masses. Everyone but the Cooper's went back to the house to eat and we hit a cafe in town. Ashley said that after lunch she was taking the kids to a field to play and so I took her into the bathroom and told her to hang on a bit because Hayden was going to propose to Megan and her wanted her there. Her reaction was priceless, she was pretty excited.
 So we all headed back to Old Nauvoo. I told the guys to go down to the Blacksmith to "make arrangements to meet with a senior couple from our ward serving a mission there" or in other words Hayden wanted to set things up with the Blacksmith. The girls were going to go do something girlish so we decided to check out the Tin shop. On the way Megan's sandal broke so we spent about 10 minutes hunting down some tape. Apparently it's impossible to find duct tape in Nauvoo so masking tape had to do the trick then we trouped off to the Tin shop. We had only been there about ten minutes when Hayden called and said he was ready. So Ashley and I got Dane riled up so he would get noisy  so we could leave.
The Tinsmith
 Dane reacted on cue and we were outta there like a shot. Really the guy was dragging out the presentation and I knew Hayden was going nuts. Of course by the time we got to the Blacksmith's the place was crowded so we waited for the next tour. That took at least another 10-15 minutes!
Poor Hayden getting a little tired of all this taking so long. What do you think, does he look nervous!!

Cooper stuck to Megan like glue all day.

 Getting the presentation in the Blacksmith shop.

 The blacksmith is making his horseshoe which he gave to Hayden since he was going to need some luck!

After they tell the prairie diamond story they take everyone out and have everyone pick out their very own prairie diamond ring! Oops this taking alot of room to be continued...

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