Monday, August 4, 2014

Saturday Aug 2 continued

 We saw lots of sites in Old Nauvoo then we all headed back to the house. The kids gathered for a rambunctious game of spoons and fun.

 I had gathered a baby picture of every single person there so when we had time we could check them out and guess who everyone was. It was surprisingly hard. Beth getting a closer look at them.

Lots of picture pennants ready for the guessing game.
 After a yummy spaghetti, salad and garlic bread dinner most of us headed back down to Old Nauvoo for the pageant. They had a street fair of sorts organized by it for at least an hour before the pageant started.
Rees with Grandpa
 I think the stilts might have been the favorite thing of the night to be honest. The pageant was good but everyone loved getting some fun and games in too.
Hayden & Megan try it out.

 We had a brief scare right before the pageant Nadine realized that Carter was gone so I helped Will and her look for him. Luckily they found him an all was well.
The Nauvoo Pageant
We all fell into bed exhausted after the long day.

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