Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Monday Aug 5

Monday we said goodbye to Ashley's family and Nadine's family :( It was so sad to see people start to leave us. We had appointments so we rushed off to the Nauvoo Temple for ten am.

 Of course it was just the coolest Temple ever! We took our time and checked stuff out all over where we could. The single kids did baptisms so we trouped down there and checked that out too. Way cool.
After the Temple we went back down to Old Nauvoo (couldn't get enough of that place) and took some more pictures and toured a few things while we could. We knew this was our last chance.
We just HAD to have a picture by the corn field. It was the iconic part of our trip!

 Hayden & Megan wanted a few more pictures by the blacksmiths.

Best pioneer picture ever!

Going for another selfie
We were in charge of dinner that night so we hightailed it to the store to get ingredients. It was a 30 min drive each way so we were gone quite awhile. Everyone got back to the house in time for us to put together the taco salad. What a team.

After dinner we got our last bit of visiting in before it was time to hit the road the next day. Some of us headed down to Temple for the evening. What a beautiful and peaceful night it was.

Jeff & Rachel

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